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EMDR | Hypnotherapy | Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy | (Sand) Play Therapy | Art Therapy | Personal Coaching | Skill Development | Problem Solving & Solution Focused Therapy | Motivational Interviewing

Our therapists use a variety of methodologies to achieve the results you want. If you’re looking for a therapist and know you’d like to use a certain methodology, like hypnotherapy, for example, we’ll make sure to set you up with a therapist that specializes in that modality. If you don’t have something specific in mind, after meeting with a therapist, they will determine, based on your goals, which methodology they think will work best for you. And, if there is a methodology you’re interested in that you don’t see here, please inquire with office staff, because we may have a therapist on our team with the appropriate training.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a methodology practiced by many of our therapists. It seeks to change cognitive distortions (unhelpful or untrue thoughts and beliefs), manage emotions, and provide people with coping tools to deal with depression, anxiety, and other presenting problems. It’s a very common and successful method of treatment. After an initial appointment, our therapists develop a treatment plan for each patient. For many, this includes cognitive behavioral therapy. If you’re looking specifically for cognitive behavioral therapy in your treatment, please let us know that as well.


While some people may be cautious of hypnotherapy or question its validity, there’s no need. Hypnotherapy is a popular methodology that many of our clients see success with. Hypnosis occurs when a person is brought to the edge of sleep, a state where their therapist can suggest changes in behavior or thinking agreed upon by the patients. Hypnotherapy can be a very successful way of treating eating disorders and addiction. It can also be a helpful way of exploring memories and the root causes of disorders because a person is able to access their mind in a way this isn’t always possible in a normal state.

Problem-Solving/Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution-focused therapy, as the name suggests, is a methodology that looks to the future, instead of the past, as a way of solving problems. It’s often short-term therapy and very goal-focused. Solution-focused therapy seeks to create sustainable behavioral change and is generally described as hopeful positive therapy. While other forms of therapy involve delving into the past to see why presenting problems exist, problem-solving and solution-focused therapy focuses on what can be changed now and into the future to improve quality of life.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is a method of therapy focused on achievement and supporting you and your goals. A licensed therapist offering personal coaching can help you on a personal and professional level. Perhaps they’ll help you identify your goals, skills, and motivations and help you map out how to reach certain aspirations. With personal coaching, you can develop more rapidly than you can on your own. And, with that development comes an enhanced quality of life. Personal coaching is tailored to the client’s objectives, so please contact us and we will make sure to set you up with someone on our staff that is a good fit for you.

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