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Family Counseling

Couples Therapy | Marriage Counseling | Family Sessions | LGBTQ+ Friendly

At The Enhancement Center, we understand that relationships are a big part of your life and a major component of your well being. That’s why many of our therapists offer couples, marriage, family, and child counseling. Sometimes, we need an objective professional to help us walk through challenging relationships. Couples and family therapy isn’t just for those in a crisis. It can benefit relationships through improved communication and conflict solving. Couples therapy also helps address specific issues like sexual difficulties, conflicts about parenting or raising blended families, substance abuse, and infidelity.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is available for couples, married or not, who want to work through specific issues in the relationship with the help of a licensed professional. A therapist addresses the couple as a unit, not just addressing the individuals. Couples therapy can help with things like sexual issues, addiction, and anger. A counselor can help a couple see what the problem is and how it got there. Then the counselor can help them move forward with better communication and tools to help change behaviors if needed. Another form of couples therapy is pre-marital counseling, facilitating discussions around things like finances, sex, roles and responsibilities, and whether or not to have children.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling seeks to improve a married couple’s relationship. It can address specific issues like sexual issues, addiction, and infidelity, and it can also be used for more general topics like communication. A licensed marriage and family therapist sees couples together to work on their relationship as a team, although they may also do some one-on-one therapy as well. Marriage counseling provides couples with tools to deal with future conflict and often is a short-term treatment, working towards specific outcomes.

Family Therapy/Family Conflict

Sometimes, families need help from an outside source to work through some of the challenging situations of life. The goal of family therapy is often to improve communication and resolve conflict. It involves all of the family members willing to participate. Family therapy can help with blended families, grief, the impact of substance abuse or mental illness of a particular family member, or conflict between parents and children. Family therapy is often a short-term treatment, seeking to give families tools for communication and conflict resolution.

Relationship Issues

Relationship issues can certainly fall under couples, marriage, or family counseling. But there are other ways therapy can help individuals with their relationships. One instance would be if an individual seeks counseling for input on their relationship(s). It may be a precursor to couples/family therapy, or it may occur if the other partner is not willing to seek therapy yet. If a relationship is the primary source of your stress or anxiety, relationship issues can be addressed with a counselor.

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