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Domestic Violence Counseling

Individual Counseling | Group Counseling

No one should have to endure domestic violence, but unfortunately, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men experience violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime. If you’re a survivor of, or currently experiencing domestic violence, you’re not alone. Individual and group therapy can help you create a better future for yourself and your family.

You’re Not Alone

Whether you’re currently in a relationship with an abuser, trying to end a relationship with an abuser, or feeling the guilt and shame associated with being in abusive relationships, you’re not alone. And it’s important to know that abuse comes in many forms, not just physical or sexual abuse. Psychological, financial, verbal, and emotional abuse are all very real and valid reasons to free yourself from a relationship.

And while you might currently feel stuck where you are, there is hope. There are proven paths and support for women, men, and children to break free from an abusive relationship, or patterns of exploitative relationships.

Individual Therapy

With the help of therapy, you’ll be able to identify the signs and symptoms of an abusive relationship. For many people, coming to terms with this is one of the hardest steps, and a therapist can support you and guide you along the way. Working with a therapist can also help you devise a safe way to end the relationship. And, therapists are trained to help people work through and heal from the trauma they’ve experienced.

Our therapists use a variety of methods when supporting domestic abuse survivors, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-informed therapy, and parenting skills groups.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an incredible tool for those currently experiencing domestic abuse and domestic abuse survivors. The powerful effectiveness of group therapy comes from sharing with other people with unique and sometimes similar experiences, who are committed to experiencing a life free from violence. As people share stories, it provides a place to support one another, create accountability, and exchange resources and information.

Individuals generally benefit from attending group therapy once a week, although people are encouraged to attend more frequently as needed. Group therapy is led by a licensed mental health professional. Please give us a call or visit the calendar on our website to learn more about upcoming group therapy at Enhancement Center.

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