Offering services to women of all ages who have had trauma in their backgrounds, and are seeking relief. Tawn works with others to help them leave the past behind, going forward feeling wiser, with more emotional tools, knowing who they are now, and moving towards a future they create from their own choices.

After many years of hospital and agency work, Tawn is currently choosing to work in private practice, in a non-medical setting offering services in a comfortable casual office space, where clients can relax and find relief.

Tawn offers a variety of expressive modalities, in addition, to talk therapy for an ease in releasing the past, increasing self-esteem, gaining coping skills, incorporating self-care, all of which can lead to a safer and more joyous self-directed future.

As an Archetypal Art Therapist, she offers her client’s: Talk Therapy, Art Therapy, Sand Play, Custom Self Care Plans, Coping Skills, Hypnosis, Affirmation Work,  Dream Analysis, and EMDR. These choices can be customized into a treatment plan that works for each individual’s needs and preferences.

“Healing comes from a shift in energy and focus.” Tawn Head MA, LPCC

Practice Location: 2509 Vermont St NE Suite D 101A, Albuquerque NM 87110


  • Master of Education in Art Education, emphasis on Archetypal Art Therapy, University of New Mexico; Graduated in 1996.

  • Bachelor Degree in University Studies: Psychology, Family Studies, and Religion, from the University of New Mexico; Graduated in 1992.